Mitsuba 2.0

Well, didn’t see this announced here yet and since I was a pretty big fan of Mitsuba back when it was released I thought I’d share a link to the released publication of Mitsuba 2.0

I don’t think it’s released yet but hopefully there will be a renewed interest to develop a plugin for Mitsuba afterwards.


Thank you for the information! :slight_smile:

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well, it doesn’t seem like many people care but maybe when a working demo is shown it’ll get some hype.

Mitsuba always been more like an academic test platform than a renderer. It can do more than ANY other renderer could, but previous version was extremely slow and lacking of almost everything usually needed for production use

Which is why I’m hoping maybe 2 will get a bit more love this time around. Still, I have a soft spot for Mitsuba.

Mitsuba’s developers have no interest in it becoming fast or production-focused. It exists as a testing ground for academia as a stable bed for examining new methods of light transport.

I meant love from the Blender community, it was a fun Rendering engine to play with.

Anyway, being it an “academic playground”, it can bring news in the render technology that maybe can land into Cycles one day. Who knows, let the professors play… :wink:

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Thanks for sharing, @RealityFox. I also hope Mitsuba 2 will be accessible from Blender in the future. The first version was a great renderer with lots of methods to choose from.

I love Mitsuba, great to see more work on it!

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