Miura DS

My new artwork featuring a take on Lamborghini Miura and minimalist environment inspired by Luis Barragan. Car modeling took me couple weeks, materials are mostly procedural (everything except for the ground tiles from texture haven).

It’s not the most realistic work on lighting here, just a procedural sky gradient, I chosed this way becuase of the desired color scheme. Working on the studio lighting variation now.

Some other works on my behance page:


Really nice. I would be happy to add your model to my future artwork

I like the sophisticated car design against the cubic-minimal background, sky included. Would’ve exchanged the floor for s.t. like it, maybe plastic, or a road with a single lane and a central leading line ending in the building directly… :laughing:

Thanks, but the floor is the closest thing I found to the original location, changing it would ruin the color complimentary.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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The background makes it look more beautiful.

Thank you. I actually started to model Miura for this background location, it was something matching in my head. First thinking were '67 Mustang Fastback and 365gtb Daytona, but after couple drafts it wasn’t suitable it all.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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The pink reflections make the car look more interesting and it definitely compliments the blue. Nice color choice.

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Thats one sexy machine!!! Excellent looking model. One thing looks perhaps strange, thats that darker shadow near the bottom of the car. Its a double shadow bits its also colored. Asif bounced light, but their isnt anything blue near, i only see that grey bottom part of the car. Im probably nitpicking here

Thank you. I get your thoughts on the shadow, it’s a reflection of the car paint and ideally there should be good caustics instead of plain color, but cycles can’t do that.

wow this car is great it requires great artist to mode this car good job

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