mix actions?

I need

always ----------------and----------------Action 1 property animation
Delay 0 duration 10—and----------------Action 2 property animation
keypress---------------and----------------Action 2 property animation

I need the animation to transition from action 2 into action 1, then later transition from action 1 into action 2

this is for swapping armatures, and not having a “pop” when swapping, for armature LOD

I have no idea what you are asking.

Make a joining animation? Play them and whilst playing adjust the blend factor?

action 1 = animation with many bones

action 2 = same animation but some of those bones are in a neutral position

the bones in the neutral position don’t exist on the lower level of detail armature,

so basically this is to “blend” those bones back to where the mesh would be on the other armature…


Step 1 Low level of detail swaps to high level of detail

there is a “pop” if the extra bones are not in a neutral position

so Action 2 is played which sets all (extra) bones to neutral position

I need this to blend from ALL action 2, into ALL action 1…

then later

keyboard space-------------and-----------------on=true
if on=true-------------------and--------------play action 2

this is for swapping back to low level of detail

Maybe grab all the bone rotations (in python) from one armature, and use them to set the other?

Figure out if armature LOD is useful? What issues are you having that require it?

Actually, can’t you just use animation priority? No idea as I’ve never used it myself.

Well only actors that are very close will have expresive bones, but if they are smiling when that armature swaps, it “snaps” into the high level of detail smiling,

So I need it to swap to high poly head, playing neutral pose on all extra bones, then blendin from nuetral to smiling,

But I cant seem to get the layer/blendin/ layer blend values correct…

Why don’t you just have all the bones neutral to begin with?

it’s playing animations always,

when it swaps to the “high bone” armature, there is a “pop” inacting the new bones,

my solution is to have the exact same animations with those bones in neutral, to blend in, and out when swapping low detail to high, and high to low,


1 Bob is far, playing run animation, while angry, (he is at frame 72)

  1. Bob gets close enough swap models/armatures to high poly +more bones- play (Action 2 (extra bones in neutral) frame 72 - 82 blend into action 1(bones move to angry)

  2. Bob gets scared and runs away- (play scared action) blend 10 frames into (full action 2 ) extra bones return to neutral

  3. Bob gets model swapped to low poly

  4. Bob gets incinerated by a penguin.

update - here is a .blend

Space bar enacts changing armature levels