Mix animations problem :/

Hi fellas, i need your help.
I’m making a character and i did three different animations: Idle, walking and shooting. I used the layer animation. Things worked fine except for one thing: blending. When the character is running i want to mix with the animation of him shooting (if the player press the buttom). The “blend in” happens really nice. But there’s no “blend out” at all. The animation abruplty swift back. Is there a way to fix it?

Because the running animation never stopped playing, the arms will instantly go back to normal once there’s nothing overwriting it’s keyframes.

Things to try: stop the running action for a single frame on switch – it’s simpler and not all that tedious to do, even with logic bricks only.

Other way around is splitting the animations into two layers, one for the legs and another for the arms and/or torso; this has the potential to look better and is somewhat more straight forward but needs one to be painfully acurate about which bones are moved by each action.

Third option, make separate actions for shooting when idle and shooting while running.

Perhaps someone else knows another way that I’m not thinking of.

Well that’s the point. I know that there is another animation playing (the running), but why does it changes smoothly to shoot animation but don’t changes back smoothly as well?

Actions blend in, not out; you have a smooth transition when an animation starts playing, but not when it ends.