Mix two image textures controlled by mask?

Hi, First time poster here!

Im fairly inexperienced with Blender, apologies if this is a silly question.

Im trying to make a material that consists of two image textures controlled by a mask. It works fine if I combine an image texture with a color, but will only display in the material view and not the render if I use two image textures.

Is there a way to do this in Blender?



Supply a demo blend file with all textures packed into blend (file / external data menu) so we can see what you are doing

How did you setup your nodes? I did something like this and it works fine for me.

Hi, Thanks for the replies.

I had the nodes set up as you show above, so I tried a different texture file thinking that could be the issue and stumbled upon the answer… When I create the new material, if I leave it the default colour it only shows up in the material view and not the rendered view. If I change the colour of the the diffuse on the new material, when I add my textures they show up fine in the rendered view. Seems a bit strange, but now I know!

Thanks for the replies!

I had the nodes setup as you show. I realised that for some reason if I add a colour to the material before I add my textures, it works fine. If I leave the material as the default colour it doesn’t show up in the render, only the material view.