mixamo model to eevee rig problem

hey guys

been playing around with eevee and loving how amazing it is, but downloaded a model from mixamo, rigged and just in an action pose then when imported into eevee, it has my model in t pose and the rigged skeleton in the action pose???

so basically the skeleton is separate from my model.

any thing i can check or option to select as i cant figure out why its doing this???

many thanks

Anyone any ideas please?
Seems like the armature is in the action pose but my model is in a T pose?
This never happened to me in cycles but maybe I need to select a certain option somewhere? I understand Eevee is still in testing but a lot of people have been using it so maybe they have the answer.
Thank you.

Just read it might be because Eevee does not support armatures, does anyone know if this is correct please?