Mixamo Space Battle Character - Vanguard

This is my entry for Mixamo’s competition. The modeling for both highpoly and lowpoly is done in Blender.

I had to bake in Maya sadly, as I did not know how to control the baking in Blender. It’s rendered with Marmoset. Hope you guys like it!

Excellent work! Baking can be a little bit funky in blender, and I wish it was something the blender team could work on a bit more… Reminds me of the Section 8 battle suits, with those bright shoulder ridges. Love to see a high poly render of this one, if that’s possible. Great job! :smiley:

OH and a great (free) tool that I usually use for baking is XNormal: http://www.xnormal.net/1.aspx

Looking sharp!! Good luck man.

How many polys you managed to pull off?

Nice dude, love the worn look.

One of the best modeling, what I saw there long long time ago… Very nice human anatomy, hands and fingers with glowes looks great…

Here’s an older render of the highpoly that I did in Blender. I’ll try and render a bigger and more cooler looking one :smiley:


fusobotic - I tried Xnormal and while it gives results with great speed, I wasn’t able to control it as much as I wanted. Lots of trials and errors for me. But yeah thanks for the recommendation!

Kalinaki - it’s about 17k triangles total for the final mesh.

WombatCombat - Thanks alot!

HANGAR - Thanks mate, glad you like the model.!

Fantastic texture work :). The mask/helmet design is certainly intriguing.

Amazing! Can we see the wires?

Velduanga: Thanks alot! Though I wish I could push the textures a bit more. Material read is not good. Glad you like the helmet though.

Vesipeto12 : not a problem! Here’s the wires as well as the textures I submitted for the comp.


Really awesome and inspiring work! Keep it up, man!

The grunge texturing is perfectly symmetrical! Haha- you thought you could get away with that shit, couldn’t you?

Seriously though, excellent model.

Very good job.

Definitely admiring the wrinkle work on the textures now that I see it.

ahedov: Thanks alot mate!

Rocketman: Yes, I am ashamed at the texturing part. I was rushing through it to get to the posing and rendering stage.

lfisch4444: Thanks!

Velduanga: Thanks! I probably went too subtle on the wrinkles. Bad color choice and lighting for the wrinkles.

Congrats for winning that!!
Nice to see a blenderhead did it :smiley:

Woot, thanks alot, JuicyVitaman!

Congratulations Buddy on wining the contest

Thanks alot, dukejib!

This is soooo amazing…

I saw on BlenderNation that you won the contest. Congratulations, man!