Mixamo to Rigify in Blender 2.81

Hi, I’m would really really, really, appreciate if someone would point me to a solution how to use mixamo animations with Rigify add-on.

Mixamo to Rigify

I want to stress it: how to use Mixamo animations with Rigify, not only blender.

There are no shortage of videos to show how to just download animation from mixamo and use their rig, but what to do if I wanted to use it with rigify add-on? Latest tutorials I can find are years old, and stuff does not really work.

Should I contact to Rigify developers? How would one do that?

It can be done once you have applied the rigify skeleton to your mesh…and then import the Miximo animation as an FBX…then is when it gets convoluted…you would have to go in and rename everything in the bone groups of the animation to fit Rigify and apply them to the mesh groups.

I would highly recommend that if you have your character rigged, just import animation as BVH. There are thousands of BVH animations out there and there is nothing really that miximo has that can’t be replaced with a BVH.
BVH archive

Thanks, I have tried most of that library btw. They barely work, and have way too many keyframes, and if I remember correctly then it required using their skeleton as well.

I just tried an old file I have with rigify mesh etc. (imported from an old 2.79B file) I exported the Miximo animation as FBX and without skin… but imported adds an armature to the file and I parented it to the Body …the anim works and file still has rigify controls…it is just not driving the rigyfy rig…
Convoluted I know and I am going to guess thats NOT what you were looking for…but I will keep seeing what I can do…

I never used a special armature for BVH…just imported always works but always need some tweaking and removal of key frames.

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I don’t have answer, but I was experimenting with this stuff, this is what i got:

You need to retarget to the rigify rig but it’s problematic. makewalk has some support for the legacy rigify, quite good, but it’s old and not getting updated.
Autorig pro paid addon has a quite good retargeter which works on it’s own rig, migth work on rigify as well.
What i did ano is to use the unrigify script

it basically strips the rigify rig from it’s control bones and bakes any animations you made to just a new deform rig. then you can use again autorig pro or the built in mocap tools addon to retarget mixamo to the new rig. You won’t have the control rig anymore, but your own animations made with rigify will be compatible with retargeted mixamo’s. If you need modifications to the mixamo animation you can use the graph editor.