mixed up race car

hey dudes! trying to get best results from the internal renderer… this is my best result so far. any ideas tio improve it??

for uv training, i will finish this car anyway, (forgeting the references about the real car) and try to texture it… right now i just got some wheels from my other car…

looks like you used AO for the second render… I like the paint job looks realistic. From what I’ve seen cars have always looked best in yafray. Im still new at it though so I dunno. I can’t wait to see it finished!

thanks dude. now some updates.

with nice color, bu f*cked up reflections… will fix that later

and the car where i got those wheels (and i need to texture, but the mesh is really heavy - and as you can see, interior is on work)

The AO in the second picture of your first post gave really good results. Same goes for the first picture in your most recent post. Upon first glance, I couldn’t tell at all. If it doesn’t take too long to render, keep the settings… The render of the car you got the tires from is just way too grainy… Okay, enough about AO.

Looks like you have some pretty good modeling and I think the car’s design is pretty cool. How about some more views? I’d like to see some of the other proportions…
I agree about the Yafray comment; you’ll probably want it and some skymaps if you want good-looking reflections.

Hope to see a finished model soon!

In all of your links, I get the “This Album Is Empty” error. :-?