Mixing baked and non-baked, calculating light only on non-baked in animation

I’m learning baking right now. I’m making my very first steps.

I’ve got a scene with a snow floor and christmas trees. Baked the reflection of the light emitted from the christmas lights but i’ll add in some animated objects that also reacts to light but that clearly cannot be baked.
I’m trying to figure out if and how i can make baked materials ignore light while making non-baked materials react to it.

Hmm… I guess that i’m maybe figuring out something…
Should i make 2 render layers for baked and non-baked and mix them in compositing?
Any advices to this point?
Will it take much less render time to render twice, to this point?
Can i configure a render layer to ignore light and shadow and another render layer to take both into consideration?