Mixing Nodes - Need Help Please

I am using Nodes to add a yellow color over the blue cube and use the “Cloud” texture as an alpha. I want the end result to look mostly blue with sparse yellow areas like sphere in image. My cube has a blue material and I have loaded a “texture node” and selected the “Clouds” texture, but now I am stuck. How do I add in the “yellow” material?

Also, how do you render this? I’ve read you just use a “Viewer” node (like in my image) or is there more to it than that?


one way would be to define a mat node and you feed the text color to the color of the mat

but this wont give you the base color you need unless part of the texture you have which could be define with a ramp i guess

or then use texture nodes to do it !

here is another way to do it
but with mat nodes you cannot define your own texture
but it can be done in texture nodes!

see pic


Thanks Ricky. That’s given me a good start.

So I notice you can add a “Texture” node to the Material Nodes, but if you select the “Texture” icon you can’t add an image to it so it’s not too useful IMO. I guess if you want to use any type of image for a texture you need to use “Texture” nodes.


with textures nodes you can add anything pic or any proc textures
and mixed make bump or normal map ect,

it’s very powerfull but needs lot’s of practice i guess

have fun with nodes

happy 2.5