Mixing two materials using Vertex/Weight/Texture Paint? [Cycles]

I haven´t done them yet, so that´s because I ask.

A good evening (or whatever) to you, Blenderartists!
I have two different materials and want to control the visibility of each other with Weight/Vertex/Texture Paint.
I´ve tried Weight Paint and Vertex Paint in drawing the area I wanted (red on blue/white on black) and did two materials:
-Red Diffuse and non color Transparent Shaders, mixed together with Mix Shader. Factor is an atribute node set to the Weight/Vertex Group name. The other one is the same thing in blue (Diffuse).
But whatever I use, Color, Factor, Normal, it won´t do aything, just showing me NOTHING. I avoid Texture Paint up till now, ´cause my Blender Instance often crashs when using High-Poly-Models… and I guess 140000 verts IS High-Poly… :smiley:

And idea what could save my day (oh wait, it´s 11:48 PM here, maybe tomorow?) and don´t make me believing I´m a noop both in Blender and english?! Thanks.


Put each material in a node group and then make a control map to blend between them. Here is the blend


To use your vertex colors as mix factor add an Input->Attribute and set it’s attribute to the name of the vertex color layer you want to use. (“Col” is the default)

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Whut?! That´s exactly what I´ve done!! :confused:
Very strange, I´ll try it out again…