Mjølner (update 18 jan.)

Hi there guys (and girls). It’s been months since I’ve made something last, but now I finally made something. It’s for the SMC at 3dtotal.com. The modeling time was 1 hour. Rendered in yafray. C & C are very welcome. BTW Mjølner is the hammer of the nordic god of war Thor.

Hey, thats a really good job…

Maybe turn down the raymirror a bit on the wood though

but great job. I like the bumpmapping.


mmmm … waxed.

Damn :o

Gotta love the shiny things :smiley:


Very realistic Mjölner pendants. The cast metal texture is spot on.

Just one issue I can find with the image is that the shadow of the chains/cords is patchy. Which is odd.

Sooo nice. May we get some wires?
I realy like the semi-realistic feeling

Looks like I could reach out, and grab it. Amazingly realistic.

Thanks for all the positive comments! I’ve change some things when I’ve got the time.

Here’s a wire:

WOW!! I like the modeling and more the textures, keep making exellent stuff Kåre.
Just a little question : How would it look like if rendered with blender internal?

It is not odd, being that it was probably rendered LOW with the CACHE on.

I guarantee that it will look a lot better if CACHE was not used and FULL rendering performed at the highest setting (and the lights dimmed a bit). This will take a few hours, but worth it for this project.

@ Kåre NICE WORK! It really looks photo realistic. In-fact a little too realistic, in a good way, being that the “jewelery” is meshed with close-up imperfections. Costume jewelry has that quality, as opposed to fine jewelry.

very nice pic Kåre,
i havent seen your works in a while.

good one.

Where can I buy one :smiley:
I have always loved norse mythology (my nickname is derived from is blabalbal)

I agree that the render quality could have been better. The work really deserves a great render :D. The modeling is very well done and the materials too.

Top notch work !

I do really like that, the far one is PERFECT.
the near one, on the near edge looks like its in a puddle of water :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that theres no other critical comments to make!
Good Job!

i’ve seen better, but not very often. :o
This is an excellent work, the texturing, modelling, and lighting are right on. This is probably the best i’ve seen in 6 months

good work, and keep on blending!

XrQLz :wink:

Wonderful!!! One of the most photorealistic work here on Elysiun, or maybe in the 3D community around the world. It could be a photograph but the shadow under the chain and too much reflection. But it’s nerly PERFECT! Really.
I would appreciate some sort of tutorial very much!!! :-? Because I don’t understand, how could you prefiure the faces, you’ve extruded into the ornament. How come it worked out?!

thats pretty damn cool-
think Ive seen soemthing like that somehwere before… like jewlery type thing…?

anyway- nice image, cheers

That’s pretty impressive. I’d be interested in a tutorial about how you made all those curvy geometries look so nice and be part of the same mesh like that. Great job.

Hey guys. Thanks for all the comments again!! I’m sorry I’m so slow to respond but I’ve got a lot to do in school these days. Anyway, here’s a new render with some different settings. I’m not really shure if I think it’s better but I let you guys decide:

It got a bit of DoF and is rendered without cache. Besides this are the chains thicker and there’s a bit of bump on the table. The thing without cache turned out to be a bad idear. The picture took 51 h to render(!) on “best”. So I’m not rendering like this again, if I still could change something.

If I get time I will make a small tutorial on the modeling.

Thats one nice rendering.

As for which one i like better? I think the hammers look a lot better in the second one, but I think the table and “Hammer of Thor” card looks better in the first one.

If you a SG1 fan, you sure could make a nice desktop using the Hammers and a Screenshot of Thor.

Nice job

I like the first one more. The text is too blurry on the second one. But good job on the model and the materials!