My try at Mjolnir, the hammer of thor. Polycount is a bit higher than i would like, but overall, the model turned out pretty well in my opinion.

Added materials and used HDRi. I also added procedural scratches and dirt to the hammer head, but they’re kind of hard to see.

Looks good :slight_smile:

I think, maybe play around a little with the lighting, so you see the model better? :slight_smile:

changed the HDR image and rotated it a bit so the scene isn’t too bright

I like it much better :slight_smile:

a bit of comic trivia: mjolnir is actually pronounced: n-joiner

Umm… what? Mjolnir is from Old Norse and pretty much pronounced the way it’s spelled…

Or is it a joke I’m not picking up on?

Looks great, are you planning to take this any further? If so what are your plans?

well that is the way it was told to me, but I checked out the correct pronunciation, and to me it actually sounds more like ’ mee ol neer ', so, no J sound at all, apparently.

it still looks a bit boring for a tool of a big known god.
you shall not forget to add little details like:

i would try to add them by selecting that parts as a vertex group, creating a normal map for that symbols and adding it to the material for the vertex group. i hope that works for blender like this still needs to learn it myself
and don’t forget some cool lightning effects around it :slight_smile:

The engravings are taking longer than i expected, and the dirt and scratches are already there, they just need to be a bit more prominent.

Which means that they are probably at the right level.
Its often the stuff on the edge of visible, which give your brain the clue that it real.

if i try to see the dirt and scratches, it looks a little bit too much like a dirt texture.
i suggest to add an aplha mask with some upscaled random pattern, to make the hammer look more dirty on some places than on other places.

Added something new for the hammer to be sitting on. I felt the original thing was too gray and gloomy. if it doesn’t look good, then i can switch back to what i was using.

Finally finished the engraving

Looks really nice! I never could wrap my head around those knots :stuck_out_tongue:

Up close they aren’t perfect(cause NURBS modeling is hard). Luckily i can get away with that because they aren’t going to be seen very closely.

Final edit before i get to compositing, switched the camera and background back to what it was originally and added engravings to the hammer.

Did what i could with my sub-par compositing skills, tried not to go to overboard, but i think it looks good.