mjpg codec without watermark

(Tronboy) #1

Hi. I would like to edit video with the mjpeg format, but I can’t find any codecs without watermarks (at least without me paying money!)

Anyone know where I can get a freeware mjpg codec without a watermark?


BTW I did a search and checked the knowledge database and didn’t see this answer…

(Dittohead) #2

try searching www.google.com.

and look at www.nonags.com freeware software site.

(Dervish) #3

Look at this: http://www.sigmadesigns.com/products/RMP4_video_codec.htm

(Free MPEG4 codec+src) :wink:

(Tronboy) #4

Thanx for the link, but I’m looking for M "J"Peg, not mpeg. Glad to see you are willing to help though : ) Thanx for your time and effort.

(macouno) #5

tron… I bought the MJPeg codec from the mainconcept people and I have to say it was well worth the money.

MJpeg codecs are hard to come by, they’re normally only delivered along with professional video hardware. I’ve looked and haven’t found one. Anyway… it may sound sill to pay $20 or so for a tiny bit of codec software… but well… it does work great.

(RipSting) #6

It’s referred to in Blender as AVI-JPG. I did a search on Google “download AVI-JPG codec Blender”, and it returned quite a few results. One took me to a tut on Ingiebee’s site where I found this link:


(macouno) #7

yeah that’s the link to the one with the watermark (the free demo). It only shows up if you render with the codec in your video editor and is really annoying.

(Tronboy) #8

Thanx for all of your help, I think I’ve found a solution. As you just mentioned, the watermark will only show up if I try to render in that codec. My orginal problem is that I wanted to render my Blender movies with the Avi-Jpeg, because the avi-raw took up too much hard drive space, and most of the avi editor programs weren’t accepting the avi-jpeg format of my movies. When I did get the codec, I kept trying to render back to it and kept getting the watermark. Now I realize I can just load my movie in the editor, and then render the edited movie in a differnet format (and the watermark will not show up). I’m not doing anything professional, so I guess It doesn’t really matter.

Thanx for all of your help. And if any of you have made any cool movies with Blender, or know of any good one, please post a link in this thread.


(avt) #9

You could do worse than look at http://www.mplayerhq.hu

They have a very good encoder called mencoder that comes with the mplayer source distribution.