MK fanflick-stage

(mfoxdogg) #1

I am a huge MK fan and i am making a fan flick here is an early rendering of the stage which is the Kombat Tomb In MKII

here is a screenshot to compare with mine

any comments please

please note that the background,proper lighting and background props (flying dragons) are yet to be done


(henrymop) #2

Wow, nice. Did you use YafRAy or Blender? What is your background going to look like?

(mfoxdogg) #3

Blender all the way and all the textures are procedual except the paintings on the wall and the floor which are imges made with GIMP

(lirmont) #4

I think it looks pretty cool, but the ying-yang symbols need to be moved down a little bit (and you could probably size them up some to fit the space). Also, adding a normal map for the little rock cracks/indentations would help complete the scene.


(mfoxdogg) #5

can anyone please tell me how to do craks on the edges and not the middle in less them 3 texture channels (i’m running out :expressionless: :expressionless: )

and the ying yang’s shape was a perspective thing and look at the screenshot the YY is up near the top not the bottom or taking up the entire square :wink:

(Anayo) #6

That’s very good. It looks exactly like the arcade counterpart. It’d be cool if you added those pterodactyls from the game.

(mfoxdogg) #7

you don’t know right you are as i had the screenshot as a background picture and ‘traced’ the components so it is an exact scale replica and if you properly read my original post i say i am going to put the ‘dragons’ in the background and use photos of actuall clouds (if possible) in the background

(Robin) #8

To make cracks in between the stones you need to Normal map them or do them manually. I would choose the last cause that is the easiest and saves much time. Here you have a tutorial on using normal mapping or bump mapping (same thing)