MK8 Sub-Zero

I’ve been following Blender since Blender 2.49 was a newly released version(so for many years). I watched the Open Movies, read development news and even watched and read tutorials. But throughout those years I never really made anything in Blender myself(except for video editing). Now, I played around modeling some stuff, building a couple of rigs and animating once…

…but I didn’t do anything that I would call COMPLETE.
So I want to fix that by going through a Character Creation Pipeline. Here’s how I picture this:

Modeling —> Rigging —> Texturing/Shading
Rigging comes before texturing/shading because, just like with modeling I previously tried some rig stuff before and have some confidence. I never touched texturing workflow and Cycles(nodes in general).

I chose to model Sub-Zero off of Vincent Proce’s concept art for the unreleased MK8:

These are the pictures I use for face reference:

And so this journey begins with this WIP screenshot:

Excellent start! :smiley:

Thanks, Diegonators!
Almost finished the head. I so don’t want to model the ears :frowning:

Ears + some tweaks to the head:

Ortho view would help) So… It is indeed an excellent start! Esp. if it is a first attempt.

You are missing the knowledge of the head anatomy, though. I can point to some things, but you would need a structural knowledge in the erea, otherwise your sculpts will continue being quite “not there”

  1. the eye has wrong shape (see online other examples, your image reference does not contain enough detail and has only two perspectives)
  2. mouth is too wide and too low
  3. the nouse is out of proportion and misses bony widening (at the top of the nose) I see on the reference (even on low res reference)
  4. the structure of cheek bone, usually pronounced on asian faces, is very subtle on your sculpt.
  5. Ear anti-helix flow is somewhat broken, though it should resemble “Y”
  6. I would also say that face is somewhat big in realation to the skull volume… but here I am less certain (we are natually in our sculpts exagerate the size of the faces, since we pay attention to them)

Again, it is a very decent start, please, don’t be discouraged and just level up on anatomy :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input! I’ll work on those points(although I struggle with the ear topology). Gonna work with better reference too. Will provide with ortho screenshots next time. Thanks again!

Used some other reference. I smoothed facial features after taking this screenshot. I already moved on to other parts of the character because endlessly tweaking the face is killing all motivation. I’ll have a final polish pass when character is whole anyway.
I’ll post screenshots on bigger milestones from now on.

I can’t help but feel like I bit way more than I could chew for my first ever project haha (not haha :frowning: )

Thinking about redoing the flap thing from scratch. Topology is complex already and I still don’t like how it turned out.

I still want to see this through to the end, though. The end being a modeled, rigged and textured character.

Seeing a guy from ArtStation do a model from the same concept art I picked for this, kinda killed all motivation. I’m scraping this and am going to make another one from scratch based on my own concept.
It pains me though. I didn’t do, what I set out to do. Damaged confidence :frowning: