MMO Models Needed

We are developing a low budget browser based mmorpg (it’s just my cousin and myself). We have most of the game in order, however we are using 2D sprites for a great majority of our npc’s. Obviously this will not work for most players as many are superficial.

We require a handfull (10-15) base models with a few textures each (models with swapable texture to reduce cost). We already have an animator.

These meshes will include basic humanoid and animals (forest critters, desert creatures etc)

If anyone is interested send me a PM and we can discuss the project further.

Thank You,
Kevin (Hobbes)

Message sent! I hope to hear back soon.

PM sent, hope to hear from you soon.

PM sent as well.

Here’s our cases,you can have a look firstly.
[email protected]

PM Sent
My works-

Your only Offering $35 per model with 3 textures each… that is a ridiculous price even for indie work. Each model would be worth at least $75-$100 if your asking someone to do 3 textures…