MMO Project - Looking for extra hands!

Dear Blenders!

My name is Steve and I am the founder of a new gaming studio based in the UK called Konka. We are creating a very large scale MMO RTS/Battle Arena game and we are wanting to push (and promote) the use of the Blender game engine. We are already 35-40 people strong with more people joining the team every week.

One area we are lacking in however, is the game development side of things. We have 2 developers who are working like mad on this project and could do with help from the Blender community. You will be led by an ex-EA game developer on the project, working with 3D artists with very high end models. We are looking for game developers who excel at python and have a strong background in the Blender Game Engine. We also require high end animation artists to help as well.

This game will be commercial and it will monetize very well with 6,000 fans already chomping at the bit to play this game. Right now, we won’t be able to offer paid positions, but I can assure you that after you’ve had a chat with myself, you’ll be very interested in getting involved.

We have AAA talent working on the game and for those who have time to spare and want the experience working within a large team size, this will be unlike any other opportunity.

If you are interested, please leave a reply, send me a PM or contact me directly on Skype (steve.konka). We look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

I’ll leave some concept art for you to get a feel for the project.

Hey Man I Really Like the Idea, I Skyped you bout what I can do and all that, would love to help :slight_smile:

No takers? It would be a paid job eventually, in case I left that out. Almost everyone (a good 30-35 people) who is so far working on this, is doing so for love of the project. They also know we’re sitting on a potentially very rewarding game, monetary wise.

Just thought some here may be interested in working on a project of this scale :slight_smile:

I’m not saying that your team wont make this game but people on this forum won’t join you that easy. We get post like yours at least once a week and 100% of those projects fail because of huge plans and little management skill or huge teams of unexperienced developers.
I suggest you form a smaller team, 3-4 people, and make a prototype or a demo level then come back. People are happy to join projects that have something to show.

Thanks Josip, I didn’t have much time to write that up sadly. Perhaps we’ll come back when the video has been completed. In the meantime though, to those who are interested, feel free to get in contact with myself and I’ll be more than happy to explain in more detail. :slight_smile:

You able to PM your Skype details buddy? I can’t see any new contact request :slight_smile:

For what it is worth, I am working with these guys wearing several hats. In fact I am the one putting together the initial cinematic for the game. I am working in a paid capacity. I am making one of the models as we speak and will be doing two of them as a part of my contract with them which includes producing the video with effects and so on to promote the game.

I have chatted with these guys a bit. These guys are for real, they are smart and they actually have something going.

Been around here long enough to see some real pie in the sky stuff. But these guys have a good chance to pull it off and they do have already a core team of guys with experience in the game industry.

Just my 2C,

I think the original post didn’t quite entail everything.

Thoughts that people may think we are ‘winging’ it, are far from the truth. I’ve got the team well drilled with the vision and we’re actually make great progress.

I’ll happily update the project with a video once we have it ready, pictures tell a thousand words :slight_smile:

I also think this project deserves a better response from the community.

I have plenty of experience dealing with all kinds of “idea guys” for years on another forum and I can tell this project is NOT one of those overscaled daydreams made by novice enthusiasts. These guys have good talent on board and nor do they need to recruit simply anyone who is willing to help.

I don’t see what’s lacking in your original post besides link to your (future) webpage that has more information on the project and proof of all things you have already achieved with the project.

There are two fundamental questions that come to mind; are you genuine, and are you serious?

Personally, I’d love to know what constitutes a “large scale MMO”. This doesn’t tend to appear a plausible goal, especially in the BGE, given the fact that we develop in Python as a scripting language.

Furthermore, a little media besides screenshots would be a useful method to convince forum users to take an interest. The issue is on these forums that most of us are one-man / two-man teams. You may be more likely to find model and texture artists in other areas of This said, those that you find here will be accustomed with low poly baking, retopolgy and other useful skills that the high poly artists often overlook.

Besides time constraints (serious time constraints) I overlooked this project because, despite the inspiring art work, I was/am sceptical of any user who considers an MMO a viable end goal.

Also using the phrase “large scale MMO” doesn’t really help you since the first M of MMO stands for Massive.So you are making a very-large-scale-massive-multiplayer-online-real-time-strategy-battle-arena-game or VLSMMORTSBA :slight_smile:

All that aside, if I understand you correctly you are looking to make something like World of Tanks. If that is true I think you can pull it off in BGE.

Agoose, we are a team of many, in terms of MMO, we have 6 people who have been involved from start to finish on projects such as EVE, Everquest and DC Universe and we’re fully aware of the undertaking work needed to complete such a game.

Josip, second utterly condescending post from you. I was polite the first time, this time I won’t be. You have BGMC sprawled across your signature, I hope for Blender’s sake that you, someone with such a dismissive and negative attitude towards new users and new projects, are not leading a project that is trying to inspire others to create a game.

Large scale regards to the project size and it’s expectations, not the game world. So thanks for the piss taking explanation of what M stands for an MMO. Also, thanks for telling me what we already know about recreating World of Tanks or something to that level in Blender. Seeing as you have now given your irrelevant input, perhaps we can move on to the point of this post without you getting in the way? Thanks.

Perhaps I’ve gone about advertising this project to attract high end coders in the wrong sense. I seem to have posted in a forum where people with pie in the sky ideas have overflown it to the point that I am now posting this in the laughing stock section of BlenderArtists’ forum, because so far, that’s all I seem to be getting back from some members.

We’re a serious, genuine company and if it grabs your attention and you are a little unsure, then feel free to send me a PM and I will happily involve you in a group with 6,000 screaming fans who are DESPERATE for us to release this game. I’m pretty sure most other projects in this forum don’t come with the same fanbase. We’re 100% focused, know what we are doing and how to get there. We are just looking to add to the very few developers that we have.

I’ve looked at creating this game in UDK, CryEngine amongst others and I turned to Blender because it’s a fantastic engine that could really do with having a game with a multi-million user following. It’s capable, in fact, I know it’s more than capable to compete with those other engines due to it’s community as it’s always being improved upon.

The current developer sold me the idea of using Blender and we haven’t really looked back since using it. We’ve implemented Martinish’s ocean environment and shaders that can be found on this forum. I’ve tried to get in contact with him for the chance to have him work more extensively and improve that file. It’s 100% beautiful, classy and realistic and it works for what we need. In terms of who we are looking for to add to the team, I will welcome all serious applications and have you join a chat with me and the lead developer, who will just go over a few things to see if you are able to help with the project. If it’s all good, we’ll agree on having you join the team and we’ll work on completing the demo and the video (which will be shared here).

If the concept is too big for your ambition, feel free to not apply as we’re not aiming for mediocrity.

Sorry if it’s rude or blunt, but it seems that bluntness and rudeness is the only thing that passes as credibility around here, above cases in point.

Thanks for taking the time to read :slight_smile:

I do take issue here, and I do feel as though you’ve been a little inconsiderate. I am willing to give my advice, and to offer words of encouragement but I simply don’t understand where you’re coming from with regards to programming. It’s particularly within this engine that you will face significant difficulty managing a large scale simulation which comprises an MMO. This is both the networking code but also the limitations that the scripting layer faces.
I’d like you to clarify ‘laughing stock section’ , is that your perspective?
I would ask you to read my post again, with the attitude that time am asking questions with an altogether serious motivation. I can see that you may have interpreted it as an insulting / scornful response, I assure you it is not.

Are you looking for developers solely, or is this a general appeal to all skills sets ? If so, there is a noticeable lacking in skilled developers here. There are developers, but those we have are often engaged and unavailable.

I speak from experience that there is a different league entirely in MMO developers, so unless you already possess a developer involved in this area, have you looked at They can be pretty tough on new people, but they are well versed in their respective fields.

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Yes, we’re looking for game developers more so than any position as outlined in the OP. In terms of networking an MMO, we have a developer who has done something similar before and believes it is possible in blender. I can’t tell you the hows and why, because I am unskilled in Blender to the point of I can only create a cube and not much else.

I will try the forum, but I will perhaps wait for the video to be finalised before going in there empty handed if they are considered tough on new people.

I understand. In which case, you’ve got a firm position to look for members. My advice would be to specifically author a “what we’re looking for” entry, with bulleted roles and what each role entails. It makes things a little clearer and more concise.

Keep some noise here for a while, and I’m sure that you’ll have some further interest.

Best of luck

I wanted to respond to your post but I wont. The problem you have here is that you want people to work for/with you for free and to accomplish that you have to give them at least something.

You have started really good, giving us a lot of information about the goal and the team, but when I asked for more you decided to take it the wrong way.

It would be great to know who are the other members of your team, because the ones we know so far are really good. A little description of the game you are trying to make would also help. Maybe even some wip screenshots.

I had to look around to get to this info:

A Sci-fi Naval MMORTS/MOBA shooter set in the distant future, the world is under attack from an alien race who have melted the polar caps to wipe out the human race. You are an admiral of a floating fortress, forced out onto the ocean to make one last stand against the invaders. Build your base, research new ships, weapons and specials as well as salvage the ships of the alien scum to use their technology against them. Or use that technology to fight against other admirals on the sea to improve your chances.

Art by Sergey Musin

I hope you are aiming for a WoT type of a game and wish you the best of luck.

Agoose, just to touch on your earlier comment about Blender and MMO. The game itself is being written in Python, if it’s good enough for CCP to create EVE, it’s good enough for us. The MMO end goal is not unobtainable, it’s just a big, big ask for any gaming studio. Thankfully, we have experience in our team for that.

Josip, you first walked into this thread treating me as if I was some wet behind the ears kid telling me people won’t join the project because we would 100% fail. I ignored it out of politeness. Your second post, after the two aforementioned good people backed the project, was you mocking my use of the words ‘large scale MMO’, for which you either genuinely or sarcastically tried to school me in. You then confirmed that something like WoT could be done in Blender, which we already know.

As for your request of further information, I get your point, now here’s mine. We’re not a bunch of teenagers working out of our bedrooms trying to get the elite coders to join our half brain idea. We’re a strong entity that has gained a strong following, very very quickly. I’m no experienced leader of men in this industry but I do know business and I will always cover the company assets and will not just share them all over the internet. Yes, we have WIP models, which I have shown 2 people on this forum who are interested in working on this project and who I believe will add to the game. As for description you picked up, that’s been pulled from our page (if anyone is interested: ) and those images were pulled from the portfolio of our concept artist, one of which, I already posted in the original post. Due to the attachment limit, I couldn’t add the other images.

As for what we are aiming for, there will be a familiar feel to WoT in the game, yes.

Hi Steve! You do have a very interesting project! I want to make an online game as well, and am a bit aprehensive as for how far this project will go using the BGE. I fear sooner or later you’ll move to another engine. For one, the BGE can’t handle too many dynamic/active objects in a single scene.
So what you’ll need is a BGE developper like Mugori!
I’m interested, as a side project from mine! Maybe my experience with the BGE can help your project out!
I’ll contact you next month!

Sounds good Torakunsama :slight_smile:

Just an update, martinsh and Mokazon have both joined the project.

Martinsh did a fantastic ocean shader that I wanted implemented in the game, so to have him join on board and carry on with his shader for the ocean will improve the game environment.

Mokazon has done several projects, all of which showcase a great level of programming skill, so we are very happy to have him join the project as well.

We will provide a demo to the community once it’s finished as well as showcase a video when it’s completed. Thanks for everyone’s interest :slight_smile:

I’ve looked at creating this game in UDK, CryEngine amongst others and I turned to Blender because it’s a fantastic engine that could really do with having a game with a multi-million user following. It’s capable, in fact, I know it’s more than capable to compete with those other engines due to it’s community as it’s always being improved upon.

I liked that line, a lot! And I’m sorry if I expressed myself badly…
I think, will learn a lot if I join this project!