MMORPG lloking for 2d/3d artists

Hello, i am a representative of which is currently building up a team to create a mmorpg which will be written in c++, for extensive details please visit and if you have any questions please goto our forums at

We are looking for skilled 2d/3d artists for a non-paying project which will include a multitude of tasks. Each member will have plenty of time to complete work, there will be deadlines but easy ones to meet. We are looking for skilled character animators, someone to do basic 3d renders of weapons, and items. Someone to make lush 3d landscapes. Many spots are open to to this team just begginging to be assembled. Please contact me at [email protected], or on AIM: ORLSEAGALNSTO

The name of the game is Malinde and it is based in a medevil fantasy world. if your interested in the game and not the artist position then feel free to join our forums and keepp track of game progress.

Gram edwards
and the eDungeon team