|Mobile 3D RPG Project| 3D artist needed for low poly assets


My name is Greg and I am the leader of a Unity game project. I am developing a mobile RPG low poly 3D game, with quests, puzzles and real time fights. I have been working on this project for several months now, and even though many gameplay features are there, the game looks terrible. That’s precisely why I am here !
The setting is fantasy like, with wizards, magic monsters and enemies, ancient ruins, etc. The story is about a young and talented wizard. While on a mission given to him by the king, he will find out that this mission has more to it than we first thought…

I am looking for an artist to create some low poly assets for the world as well as characters, and we would love someone who can challenge us and our ideas about the world and what it should look like.

The kind of “feel” we would love to have is something like this :

by pyxArtz

or this

(didn’t find the source :frowning: )

I quit my job as a game developer and I am going to create my company on the back of this first project. I am all-in. So obviously, I am also looking for potential collaborators, with the drive to create a world with us! If you are not this person, it doesn’t matter, you are still welcome.

If you want to ask more about this project, feel free to PM me and I will tell you (almost) as much as you want!

Have a nice day!