Mobile Device

Ok, providing it’s possible at all and i make it look a little nicer: Would you buy it ?

It’s a cellphone/pda crossbreed (not that unheard of I know) with 2 screens (1 of which is a touchscreen, yeah yeah, i love my DS). Final design would definetly look a bit more rounded, have storage compartment for the stylus and other little things i have to think about.
The bottom screen would be a touchscreen, in the ‘phone mode’ it would display the normal keys you’d have on any telephone. When switched to pda it will have the numpad (cause i didn’t have space left on the keyboard) and the menu to open different applications.
Come to think of it… instead of a small keyboard just add a second touchscreen while we’re at it…

Having doubts if it’s even worth posting at this point… it’s just purely a concept now… oh well. Let me know what you think, and styling ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

Thats cool, although Id like to see more of the actual folding mechanism, what youve done looks really cunning!

i wouldnt buy it tho, as cool as it is as a concept, its perhaps a little “over-functional”? have you thought about making it a laptop rather than a mobile phone with this design? The ability to have 2 screens fold out of your lap-top would be cool, and im sure theres more of a market for it.

Dude have you seen the LG vx9800

its a camera, phone, keyboard, media thing with vcast.
its dang near what you have, its a great ideal.