Mobile Game - Modeler / Animator / Texture-er / Artistic Director needed

High Level:

  • Virtual Pet mobile game - targeting Android first
  • Unity game engine
  • C# scripting
  • Profit sharing model - negotiable but not looking for 50/50 partner
    • I intend to take on the majority of work & initiative

Details (flexible - these are goals):

  • Multiple models of different animal species, configurable for randomization or customization
    • Willing to settle for less, or less options, if impractical
  • Items needed - treats, toys, etc
  • 1 or 2 sets - more if practical

What I bring to the table:

  • 12 years experience as a professional software developer in the aerospace industry (to present)
    • VB6, VB.NET, C#, F#, SQL, hardware integration, system integration
    • Design, develop, & deploy production, HR, & accounting modules, productivity tools, etc
  • 2 years experience developing, running, and managing a custom engine & client MUD, + community (11 years ago)
  • 8 months experience running & marketing an online e-liquid business (defunct in the face of pending regulations)
  • 20 years of random experimentation - neural nets, procedural planets, procedural music, simulations, GPU computation, etc.
  • A few mods released for Steam games–mostly fixes/workarounds to game breaking bugs
  • Incredibly fast learner

My weaknesses:

  • All things graphical, though I can produce basic assets in a pinch - some under-developed artistic talent
  • All things audio – best to keep me away from it entirely
  • My newness to Unity and game engines in general
  • A lot of time and energy goes to the full time job
  • Cheesecake and/or gummi worms

This is a learning project first and a for-profit project second; however, I will take the money-making side of it very seriously when that point is reached. I have no expectations for amazing profits; however, the market I am targeting does show promise, and I intend to take advantage of that to the best of my ability.

As for the modeling, we need low poly models that will look good in high resolution. Animations & features should be expressive and invite emotional attachment/engagement from the user. Not looking for realism–stylized is fine. Would like to try not to be too offensive to the hard core gamers out there with the “cutesie wutesie” factor; however, ultimately, they are not our target audience and can be (reluctantly) sacrificed if necessary.

You can find the remnants of my most recent personal endeavor here:

  • (please contact me for the URL - new users are not allowed to post URLs)
    • Consistently gained new customers via social media, advertising, contests, & involvement in community events
    • Hit a roadblock with equipment issues
    • Decided not to resume production when issues resolved due to pending regulations & industry uncertainty

You can find my most recent experimentation with Unity and procedural generation here:

  • (please contact me for the URL - new users are not allowed to post URLs)
    • 1000km diameter dynamically generated volumetric “planet” - experimental w/ many issues
    • much higher level of difficulty than the virtual pet project

Please feel free to reply or contact me with questions or comments. Some details will not be divulged publicly.