Mobile homepage not consistent with desktop

why? oversight or laziness?

the desktop categories are so pretty and functional, i use ?mobile_view=0 on my phone, despite all the quirks.

Due to space constraints, the homepage on mobile devices won’t show both categories AND latest news, only categories. You can switch your homepage to ‘latest’ in your preferences to change this if you want, although there is currently no option to set a different homepage type for desktop and mobile - it’s something that’s being discussed by the Discourse creators.

when i use the desktop on mobile, the latest post block is shifted below the categories. like the way text shifts when it wraps.

ill have another look at the settings.

Well yes, that’s because you’re forcing the desktop theme with the ?mobile_view=0 parameter.

and i like it better then the mobile page.

this is mobile and all its chaos:

nothing? cant even give the one line per category?

So far, you’re the only one who has an issue with this layout so I can’t invest the time to work on it, sorry.

That’s called responsive design and it’s the bees knees.