Mocap and Animation of a Human

Hi Everybody,
I’m a new user of Blender3D and it’s a very amazing tool.

I’ve imported a character and it’s very nice.
I’ve also imported a mocap file : walk.bvh and i’ve sucseed in animating my human :).

But … 5 hours :no: !!! and the result is not very well. Painting the Weight was the most difficult and positionning the bones was an heavy work (especially the hand).

Now, i can do better more quickly, but i would like to :

1)Have a script to correct Weight in a sort of “average” pounds to avoid some vertex which aren’t painted or painted by error :confused:
2) Have the possibilité to import a second bvh (mocap) file, a third, and so on and keep the possibilité to “map” why new bones by old which are correctly resize, positionned, and in the same time, with the good weight paint !

If not, how do you do ? The same work at each animation ? oh no please… :spin:

:eek: It would very nice if somebody could help me.