Mocap startup help

Hi guys,

I am looking to create some realistic animations for a human model using the mocap features in Blender, only I have no idea how to use them.

I have researched the ability to us xbox kinect to create bvhs, then use them to create the motion capture files in blender. Does anybody have any experience or advice on this? I have been trying to look up some kind of guide on how to do this, but it is all 3 years old and add-ons like bloop for kinect usage are listed as not being tested since 2.59.

If you guys can post some links to tutorials or something helpful for learning mocap as well, greatly appreciated.

Please don’t all ignore this, I know there are others like myself who want to use this great feature in blender but are not sure how to proceed, and a forum post with a bunch of links of tutorials and advice are a great start point!


Blender, MakeHuman, and Motion Capture filesit’s helps