Modding Grand Theft Auto

I am new to modding video games…so, I wanted to start with an older game like Grand Theft Auto San Andreas since it has already been hacked open and tools are available for modding.

So, here are my question…

I am using Z-Modeler to import the .dff files of models in the game…then exporting them to .3ds so that I can open them in Blender…but, this is getting a bit confusing since I’m not sure how the file format change will affect the file. I don’t know if information is changed or what happens…So, I would like to know what process is used to change these formats, and if I am loosing information when I do this. Also, is there a import/exporter for Blender to be able to use .dff files? I saw a link for it in the Blender website, but the link doesn’t work anymore.

And here is my last question…

Is Blender capable of actually creating video games from scratch? Things like world maps, physics, lighting, etc…and if so, what kind of quality limitations are there?

Any help would be great, thanks!

Blender can do anything you want it to do as long as you skill permits you to do that, as far as the DFF exporters (sorry to dispoint you) but you probobly wont find one, i tried looking for one without any luck a few months back

Thanks for the advice…I didn’t think there was one, I’m pretty good at finding things…but, it was nowhere to be found. :frowning:

Also, as far as skill,…well, I’m really just learning at this point. I am able to model objects fairly well. There are still some things that I get hung up on, and I still can’t use blueprints/pictures to reproduce an object. It never looks right. Anyway, I need to learn about animations, pivot points, damage cages, etc…lots to do. Just wanted to know if Blender would be able to do all of this.

Thanks again.


Still looking for some answers on whether or not changing files can loose data. The file extensions that I am using are as follows…

Using IMGTool to extract the .DFF files from Grand Theft Auto > Importing .DFF files into Z-Modeler > exporting .DFF file as a .3ds file > importing .3ds file into Blender > making changes > exporting .3ds file > importing .3ds file into Z-Modeler > exporting .3ds file as a .dff file > then using IMGTool to import the changed .dff file back into Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

If anyone knows whether or not this will cause any corruptions or data lose, please let me know…also, if there is an easier way to go about doing this, that would really make my day!


as with fairly much any exporter/converter some data is always will be lost (theres no need for formats if then data would just get handled the same), what id suggest you do is try to reexport a test model and just see whats gona happen, that will probably answer fairly much all ur questions about what is going to happeb