Moddlling my first HEAD!!!

I want to modell my first head but i have some problems???..
I have got Blender 2.40 and i have seen the tuts around for modelling heads but some of the tools they use, i cannot find on Blender 2.40. If any1 knows of any Blender 2.40 tuts PLEASE TELL. Or PLEASE HELP if you have any ideas. THANKS 8)

Since blender 2.40 is still very new there aren’t many tutorials for it yet. However it’s also slightly redundant to write a new tutorial on for example modeling a head for every new blender-version, since most of the things don’t change. I’m not saying that updating old tutorials isn’t a good thing though.
Only the User Interface has changed a bit in 2.40, so that might be the reason why you have trouble following the tutorials. I suggest you use the old tutorials and ask questions about where to find specific tools here at elysiun. Or use the documentation here and here.

Last note: for other questions you might have: blender-related questions should be posted in the “Blender General” section here at elysiun. (So this thread will probably be moved or locked.)