Model animation appears upright in Blender but appears upside down in game engines

I have animated a model and it looks fine through blender. However, it acts as if the entire animation is rotated upside down and inverted when exported. This is not a export-import issue as this happens with every exporter. I have checked the rotations of all the bones and the object and they seem fine to me. I fiddled withe rotations and added rotation keyframes to see if that would fix it but it didn’t unfortunately. My .blend is attached.


tiki_wooden_anim_wip6.blend (528 KB)

Not sure what engine you are using but your Armature has a 180˚ rotation around the X Axis - in your case it is possible to fix this by using ctrl+a and apply rotation/scale. Do that and then try re-exporting/importing.

How much would I rotate it? If I rotate the armature, and make it 90° or 0°, it doesn’t fix this. If I rotate everything 90° or 180°, it also doesn’t get fixed. (Also, my model already had a regualr scalr, not negative. I know that makes things upside down. I did make it -1 anyways to make it upside down to see if it would export upside up, it didn’t fix it).

After filding with the rotation with all objects, I just applied the rotation to the armature only and it worked. Thanks for your help. Please lock this thread.