Model drawing sheet


I recently saw a video on how to open a drawing in blender to use as a guide for modelling it.
Unfortunately I don’t remember where I saw this video and I don’t rememmber how to do it.
Can anybody explain me please how to do it?

After loading the drawing it was shown in blender as a “cross” of the drawings on 2 axis.

I would guess they used the Images as Planes add-on:
2022-08-25 11_53_52-Window
It comes with Blender, you can turn it on in your Preferences > Add-Ons.

Adding a Reference image would work too.

As for the cross… add an image in orthographic front view, switch to orthographic side view, add another image

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Don’t know which of the many videos out there on this…But I recommend this one by @BlenderBob