Model from google skechtup to valve hammer?

I am making this Counter strike map of my school, and a guy that I know has made all the outside environment, of the it, in Google kechtup. I have figured out a method for getting a model from sketchup to hammer VIA Blender. But blender deals with the veticies and lines very diffrently from hammer and sketchup, but in hammer and sketchup the are simmilar.

So my question is:

Does any kind of import/exporter exist, (or any other kind of method), wich can take a skechup model DIRECLY to Hammer. Maybe a .map converter?

Hope this was understandeble.

btw. If ya interested seeing some really good sketchup models by my friend, you can visit this link. He is called TSA at 3d warehouse. :slight_smile:
This is the school that I want to convert! :slight_smile:

If you know the format of the Hammer files, you can write an exporter for Sketchup fairly easily. The only thing that’s really unusual about Sketchup is that there are unit conversions built in to the Ruby API, this can be a bit confusing at first.

Hoe to do so? Im really newbie at that point. :slight_smile:

Sketchup has import and export scripts, similar to Blender. They’re written in the Ruby language.

From some help website:
SketchUp contains a Ruby application programming interface (API) for users who are familiar with (or want to learn) Ruby scripting and want to extend the functionality of SketchUp. This interface allows users to create tools, menu items, and other macros, such as automated component generators, to be included in the menus within SketchUp. In addition to the API, SketchUp also includes a Ruby console which is an environment where you can experiment with Ruby commands or methods .

For additional information on the Ruby programming language, visit

Click on Help > Ruby Help for additional information on SketchUp Ruby API.

Currently, Google does not offer technical support for the Ruby Application Programmers Interface (API) or for any Ruby scripts created by third parties. We encourage posting Ruby API questions to our SketchUp Ruby API Forum. General Ruby information may be obtained at

Google reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

Ok thanks. IM trying to learn this now, but there is’t anyone who allready have done this? Written a converter?

Still need this info.