Model gets clipped when rotating

Hey guys I have a small hiccup.

I was sent a model that I asked for in OBJ format for a project I have been given for work.

I unzipped the model and then imported it into Blender, but when I rotate it a hole appears in the side of the model and gets bigger the more I rotate the model.

What is happening and how would I fix it please?

Thanks in advance

The imported object is most likely very large. Check your .obj import settings

Scale it down


In the properties panel (shortcut N) check the 3d view clip start and end distances are sufficient to fit in your object. Do the same for the camera in the camera properties.

Thanks Richard.
I scaled it down, and I had to change the clip start and end distance, If you are talking about the Local Camera, it was grayed out but the model seems fine now.
Now I can do the project for work.