Model human face from random photos

Hello, i need to model face having multiple photos from different random angles.
To solve this i think about two lines:

  1. Photogrammetry.
    The result is very bad at this time. I think that the reason is that at different angles the model is illuminated differently. Also the big problem is to focus photoscanning app directly to human face and not to environment. :thinking:
  2. Camera auto-alignment (something like facebuilder does), and manual face modeling. But i dont know how to do this.

Perhaps there are other ways?

Ken tools Facebuilder for Blender does that

There is also a good tutorial here

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Thank you =)
i know about this addon, but it produces poor results with random-angled photos.
Maybe i can use it for camera placement only.

There is no easy button, sometimes you just have to actually work on things.
The closest thing there is to an easy button, is photogrammetry, or the facebuilder addon. You could use them as a base to start from and save a lot of time.

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At KeenTools, we are working on support for photos with different focal length values. Hopefully it will be released in the next update. Stay tuned.

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Sadly, it turned out that it is not free addon. :unamused:

lol yea Im also trying to model faces but sadly I dont have $150 :((

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It sounds like you don’t want to model a face, you want face models created for you through software. Your best bet would be to check out a character creator package/software like MB-Lab (blender add-on, models are AGPL), MakeHuman (models are CC-0), Adobe Fuse (free, I think closed source game redistribution might be allowed, but double check the license).

Use the software’s morphs to reshape the basemesh by hand and recreate the faces with the photos as reference. It’ll take some effort on your part, but there is simply no way to automatically and accurately generate perfect 3D face meshes from random photos (and if there was, it wouldn’t be free). KeenTools is as close as you’ll get (but really expensive).

If character creator packages don’t cut it, look for proper modeling tutorials on YouTube.

Thank you very much :slightly_smiling_face: