Model in blender messing up

This is interesting. I decided to go in the game and screenshot it. Turns out it’s SUPPOSED to look that.

However I noticed there is a few minor details like the one line on the right is just missing it’s tip. Not to mention the noticeable squares are still in the front. Some ends on the lines are missing. So now there’s more problems :confused:

I just realized there was some custom split normals data on the hair mesh. The issue you had at first could have been fixed easier by just clearing that (Property Editor’s Data tab > Geometry Data section > Clear custom normals data) then removing doubles and turning on the autosmooth option (under the data tab as well). No need to use the edge split modifier.

Anyway, I think the squares you can’t get rid of have something to do with the messed up UVmap:

Since the texture is repeated, the islands being outside of the texture area doesn’t hurt it, but It’s weird that it’s like that. The main issue with the UVmap is the fact that there are a lot of overlapping UV islands. It shouldn’t be such a garbled mess, so I’m guessing this was some sort of error that happened when the mesh was exported.

The best solution I can think of is to make a second UVmap, set the bake type to texture, and bake the old texture to a new image while the new UVmap is selected. Then you should be able to manually paint over the issues in the new texture (the old uvmap would have caused odd things to happen while painting in the viewport).

Here is a tutorial on how to bake the old texture to a new texture using a new UVmap in blender internal:

My brain just shut down like 75% of the way through reading that… XD I have no idea what im supposed to do…so I just make a whole new uv map from scratch? Myself? Noooooooooooo thank you

It’s not hard. The annoying part would be repainting the messed up parts of the texture after you bake the texture to a new image. To make a new good uvmap, press the plus icon on the UV section of the data tab, then you can either follow the method shown in the video that was in one of my earlier posts, or just use the “smart uv unwrap” feature.

The smart unwrap looks like it will work well enough here, but sometimes you need to manually mark seams and unwrap it normally to get a good UVmap.

Unwrapping actually made the problem 10X worse…i’m starting to think I might as well just keep the squares but sadly a similar issue is happening with the gi on the left shoulder. I can’t catch a break…WHY DOES BLENDER HATE ME!!!

First stop blamming blender. The model has issues and you just need to learn more about 3d in order to fix them. Anyway, the new UVmap alone wouldn’t fix anything. Thats not what I was saying. I meant that you first make a second UVmap that isn’t messed up, then you make a blank texture, bake the old texture that is using the old messed up UVmap to the new texture while the new good UVmap is selected in the UV section (New UVmap should be highlighted in blue, the old one should be deselected, but the camera icon next to it should be on).

These steps should cause the new image to look exactly like the old one, but the UVmap for it should be the second one that you created. At this point you can go into texture paint mode and paint over any odd looking areas in the new texture (make sure you save the texture in the UV editor before closing blender). After all that is done, it should be safe to delete the old UVmap and texture and just use the new stuff you made.

I’m gonna have to watch the tutorial cause I have absolutely NO idea what you’re saying XD