Model looking weird when rendered

Hello, I’m having this weird issue with a model I just finished retopologizing.

Basically, the model looks fine in Blender, I can also pose it just fine and looks good in the viewport rendered preview, but once I hit F12 to render it with either Cycles or Eevee, I only see the eyeballs (which are a separated object, parented to the armature and mesh) and a few stretched polygons, which I suppose belong to the character…

the model is obviously set as “renderable” and isn’t hidden in any way… any idea what the problem might be?

Maybe check its modifier stack?

its modifier stack only has the subdivision modifier and the armature

And no, it doesn’t matter whether the subdivision is above or below the armature, I get the same “effect” either way!

It’s gonna be hard to pinpoint the problem without a .blend file, but seeing as I won’t be able to open it either way, I’ll give you a list of possible solutions:

  1. Scrub through the timeline and make sure that keyframe isn’t the problem

  2. Make sure your model doesn’t have any problematic shape keys

  3. If your model has physics, try toggling them off

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Keep in mind I only have access to 2.79 so I can’t say if this is a bug with 2.8x or not.

I haven’t set any keyframe in the timeline, I only imported the .fbx of the mesh from Maya, where I did the retopology and made the armature in Blender, where I feel much more comfortable.

I haven’t made any blendshapes nor shape keys on the mesh and I don’t know yet how to make jiggle bones, so there’s no physics either :frowning:

(I’d like to make jiggle bones for her ears and tail, but that’s something for another topic)

I wanted to attach the .fbx of the model so you could check it out on your version of Blender, but I got an error saying “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.” :man_shrugging:

I just restarted Blender, reloaded the file and now it renders correctly, lol

I really don’t know…

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