model looks strange help (eevee model)

hey when i look at my model in 3D view then it look pretty nice but if i look when i render it seems blocky ?
can anyone help this is the model
and can anyone tell or help me with the paws ? i dont know how to do that
this is my model (you also will see that i have a few problems with the verticie’s some are in the inside of the model :s)
eevee model :

hope someone can help

You have set it to render with zero subsurf divisions


ok and how do i start with the paw ?
already thanx for the fast reply

anyone who can help ?

I made a suggestion for how you could make the paws. They aren’t finished, but they might give you some idea about how to proceed

I also made some suggestions for a cleaner topology (you have a lot of triangles and other nasty stuff). I’m not saying it’s perfect now but I do think it’s better, you will still need to move some loops around a bit to make the body seem less blocky.


eevee1.blend (591 KB)

also don’t use subsurf at level 4
in general should not be more then 2

have nice loops with quads makes modelling a lot easier to modify
and render is always good and clean

happy 2.5

thats true its a bit messed up.
i looked at youre one and its much better :slight_smile: i do think i understand how to make the paws
if i wnat to animate this model is that possible ?
so if i want it to walk / open it mouth close it mouth … and the same with the eyes is that possible with this model?

edit i also lowered the subscruf modifier :slight_smile:
everyone thanx for the tips and hints you all give :slight_smile:

o how did you get those triangels in those paws ? i cant get the good shape

What do you mean. The paws don’t have any triangles in my model. It might be worth noting that I changed the legs from 6 vertices to 8 vertices (You can also do it with 6 vertices though).

ok and how or where did you add the other 2 vertices ?
i been trying it but it didnt turn out that great :stuck_out_tongue:

the paw is ok its not as good as yours but its fine
but now for the white col for the eevee
if i take a cube en draw it and add the modifiers then too then its too round :s
and fur isnt round so its strange
also if i attacht it to the head it also gave a strange effect :frowning:

can anyone tell me how to make a nice col (the white fur around his neck )