Model of angel wings needed

Hi I am a photographer and am looking for some one to build a model of angel wings that are rigged for posing. They must be able to render photo realistic in blender cycles render as it will be composite into photograph for an authors book cover.
If any one can do this it wold be appreciated just let me know what amount of compensation will be required.

Shane of Shane Milton Photography

My name is Brian (Digital FX Artist), I am a freelance graphic artist. I have links below that show examples of my work.

If you can email me some examples, that would be great. Are you wanting angel wings like what is on the X-Men character Angel (see below)?

I hope we can do business together. If you have any questions please contact me at the info below.

[email protected]

hey i am busy with a angel wing for my own project it isnt finished yet as you can see the same textures are used on the bottem feathers.
if you like the wing (it will be rigged and finished).

It is not a exclusive model and i will be using it for my own project but if you are oke with it then just contact me. the wing will be around €70,-

I can do this but its a pretty advanced job. 3 days work I recon if your willing to pay £200 I will do you proud, payment on delivery. I would use a combination of zbrush and blender but the delivered item would be a fully rigged model in blender format.
I could even match the lighting if your willing to share the photo.

Example of my latest work.

Hi, I’m Daniele; I can do the work in one week for 100€ if still needed; if you are interested, contact me at [email protected]