Model Refuses to follow path

My rigged model is suppose to follow a path but everytime I apply the animation, the model disappears to god knows where.

What am I doing wrong?


Thanks, I found my mistake.

“Apply the animation”? :confused: What do you mean?

If you use modifiers like Curve or Armature, you must keep them… forever! If you apply the modifiers, your object is transformed, the modifier disappears… and so does the animation. :eyebrowlift:

As for your model running away, we can’t say much without seeing your blend file. Now that you have 10 posts, you can attach files to your post. Simplify your scene (Keep only the model and the path.) and save under a new name. Then you can click the “Image” icon to attach your blend file.

EDIT: Beaten on the finish line… :wink: