Model Sailboat

Lighting and texturing exercise from the past couple of days. I’ve downloaded the model from CGtrader so I could have my complete focus on the details in the textures and de lighting set-up.


Lightning brings some extra drama effect :slight_smile: Can you share it with us?

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Thanks! They lighting made up out of multiple pointlights. It is one main light at the top left and a fill light on the far right. The rest are smaller point lights to ‘break’ the model apart from the background and highlight some parts of the model. Will post a viewport view when I’ll get back to my computer.

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Thank you, I’ll wait for it :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry took a while to get back to my personal work. But here is a viewport view of this project. So basically two main loght sources with a view smaller ones for the highlights. I added a plane on the bottom right to add a little bit of light on the hull of the boat. If you got some more questions let me know!

Big thanks for you for these description and scree. It is enough for me :slight_smile:
Many lights to setup but effect is worth of it :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart! Great way to start this friday

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