Model shows invisible in Solid mode

Hey BlenderArtists!

I am new to Blender and I came across an issue I can’t seem to figure out. When I imported my mesh from ZBrush into Blender 2.8, the model wouldn’t appear, but if selected I could see an outline. This was only in the Solid mode, when I switched to any of the other rendering modes the mesh was fine. In order to view it in Solid, I had to select Shading and switch from Color-Material to Color-Single and that would display the model just fine. However, I had to do this each time I loaded my scene.

Any ideas what flag I need to enable or what is missing to cause this issue? Even with final materials applied to the model, I still have to go through this process.


It looks like not all objects are affected by the issue.
It could be a property specific to object data : a viewport display property, a material property or inverted normals.

Most likely inverted normals, try recalculating the normals of the models outside, might solve the issue.

Thanks for the help guys! I checked the normals and they were facing outward. As a test I exported the body as an .obj and imported that into a new scene. She displays fine in the new scene, so I must have clicked on something by mistake…just not sure what exactly. haha.

Your Viewport Display material color most likely has an Alpha value of zero.

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That was it! Thank you so much William! I would have never have found that!