Model using only 1 pixel of the texture.


I am having a problem with some of the models I make in blender. The Model is only using the upper left most pixel for apply the texture to the entire model.

I did fix this on one of my models but I am not sure how and it is happening to other models of mine too.

How would I fix this and I am using Blender 2.63.



Attach or post a link to your blend file ensuring any relevant textures are packed into it using the File / External Data menu

That did not fix it. I am not sure why the model is pulling one pixel and putting all over the model.



I mean attach your blend file to you post or give link to it so other users can open your file and see what you have done wrong
You can upload your blend file to

look at the scale in UV editor
i’v seen this works for some special UV texturing

happy blendering