Model with animations

Hy all!

I don’t know how can I do the following things.
My game project is in Unity, it’s a game engine, and can import from Blender.
I have a character with bvh animation in Blender.
How can I set more bvh animations to one character?

The wanted result will be the following: For example when something happening in the game in Unity, the character starts A animation, and if another thing happens, the character starts B animation.
If I import a bvh file to Blender, I get an animated armature.
But if I want use later a bvh animation on an object (called from scripts I think), I need to change the parent-child relationship, and change the armature with the new animation (I don’t think so), or what?

Hello there,
I also have question about animating model in blender using python script, but i have a model and i did the needed rigging and it almost done , also i write the python script that apply the required animations on the model but when i run the script in the text editor window just part of the script is running fine then i got a window with this message " Blender.exe has stopped working" have you got a problem like this one, or do you know why this message ?

i am using Blender 2.49b 32bit and running it on windows7 64bit … could you help me please ?