modeler / modelers needed for a 18th century horror shooter !

Hello first thanks for clicking on the thread. Anyway were WASD and we need some help with our game. our problem being that we don’t have any modelers and so far we have mainly been using open source models from turbo squid and other websites. anyway we need two models mainly that being the character models which are for the friendly AI and the enemy’s you face in game. the friendly AI we need to look like a soldier from that period so something like this below

and we will also need animations. 2 different walking animations , a shooting animation , a crouch animation and an idle animation. we also need a model for an enemy and we haven’t really got specified drawing for what it needs a to look like as long as it looks relatively dark and obscure i know that sounds a bit unspecific but we basically leaving you to see what you come up with instead of giving you something which looks to complicated to make . yeah this is an indie game so we don’t have any financial backing or anything so this is why were asking you. below is some in game screen shots of what we’ve managed to achieve so far . PS we are using the unity 3D game engine so we preferably need the models in FBX format.

if your interested with helping us on some stuff as well just post in the thread that you are.

I would like to help, I’m no expert, but I would like to help and gain experience, if you are interested in my help, talk.

Yeah you can help . what can you do ?

Yeah any extra help would be great . what can u do?