Modelers and Critics Needed for Nearly Completed Great War Project

Hi guys, its been 4 months and we are almost ready to render some scenes. The cost of rendering a movie is still to be determined, and I want to use Photoshop, so we will be rendering pictures before deciding on a movie. I am requesting both assets and partners to speed up the progress.

Goal of project: I would like to recreate some pictures from WW1, as well as make my own with their own storylines.
Timeframe: 3 months to completion W/O volunteers, 1-1.5 months with

Current Progress:

What we need:
Modeling volunteers ~ To model houses, plants, rocks, animals, vehicles, humans, clothes, backpacks, or other
Texturing volunteers ~ (in cycles) critics, photographers
Critics ~ Critics of graphics, proper English speakers needed, or people with knowledge of WW1

Current/Past volunteers: D3wo (guns) Jdover, M_squared, DorienVincent, TonyC3D, Kidus, Moses Andruart, Cerfribar, Eternal 3lade
^Each of these people helped by contributing small or medium model(s) Thanks for your contribution.

Thanks for the help, if you would like to volunteer, you can post here, message me, or email at [email protected].

i can help with this check out my works on this site to get an idea and pm me how you would like me to work

You can still count on me to finish the red baron, as well as the house and the bucket… yes I haven’t forgotten… :wink:

Thanks DiamondDDesign, but there is no website linked. I’ll message you.
@m_squared: thanks :smiley: The plane you made already was great, though I will have to do some work on volumetric clouds (planned for march) before I can include it in a scene. I am sick of the scene above ^ and it will be nice to change it to something else once I get started on environmental work.

Probably going to be really slow finding volunteers for this -_- We could use clothes and backpack modelers the most, followed by face sculpters, who can give our characters a variety of face types.

i meant blender artist site this ones and i can start modelling the clothes just let me know of any contraints or should i do some examples and you judge from there

Ok, though clothes will be at a slightly later date. Did you get the message I sent you? Are you willing to make that model?

This looks pretty interesting, im new-ish to blender but come from a professional graphic design / illustration / scene modelling background.

I would just like to offer a little help with the overall look to the game and offer advice from the eyes of an artist who loves this genre.
I have a vast knowledge of both WW1 and WW2, actually lived next to the man who designed the flail sweeper .

Get me at [email protected]

Wow! The flail-sweeper is a genius idea. Why wasn’t it used very much in Iraq?
Anyway, it is actually a series of pictures with their own storylines, nevertheless I can use your help and perspective on the project. Thanks! I’ll email you.

Is it even possible to make a game with this level of graphics in BGE? I’m pretty sure my computer would crash.

Well I’ve started on our first official scene, hoping to put it into WIP by next week. Just so you all know, the project isn’t dead and I’ve been working on it for 4 months. Even if you don’t want to help model or rig, we can still use critics.

I could maybe squeeze in a little time to offer some critique. What do you need?