Modelers of all kinds wanted!!!

My friends and I have been developing a linear rpg fps for the pc. We are calling it The Land of the Free. Its about a man who is wisked into a secret orgnization and must fight his way up the government ladder with a goal of freeing the US from a dictatorial government. We have the entire first level drawn out and have much of the scene specific items done but we need more manpower so that the game can catch up to the idea more quickly. We mainly need exterior building models and we are all having trouble with organics. Also if anybody is up to it, guns are quite crucial in a shooter… and we have none so far:(. Any donated models would be very helpful. If you donate we will make sure to give you an honorable mention. If you have any questions or would like details just PM me and let me know what you can do.


you’ll get a lot of guns and buildings for free provided that you credit them.