Modeling 2 characters

Hi Everyone,

I’m Looking to model those two characters, I’m either thinking to modeling it myself or asking someone to do it depending on how much it would cost to do.

They need to be modeled and put in this position, but no texturing needed, it’s for 3D printing in a single material.
Any Idea where I could find someone that would be interested in doing it?
I have a few that need to be modeled, but would like to start with those two.
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You should post it under Paid jobs then.

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One thing to consider- translating drawn 2D to printed 3D is very, very, difficult. Let’s talk about their mouths, for example. How would you convey that in 3D space? Just having a slit carved out of the face will look horrible. Having an extrusion/solid line will also look horrible. I could model these characters, and they would look great from the exact same angle, but very bad from any other angle. Hand drawn stylization is extremely difficult to translate to spatial reality, because it doesn’t follow the rules of spatial reality. A famous example of this is Mickey Mouse’s ears- they always face the camera (in 2D) regardless of facial orientation. This is a pleasing effect in 2D that is impossible to replicate in physical 3D.

My point is- before you go to the work and possible payment of having this done, are you sure these characters will look good in spatial 3D space once printed? Personally, I don’t think they will, I think you’ll end up disappointed


Yeah good points Joseph, even though that’s exactly the job of an experienced 3d character artist to interpret from a single reference (it’s just a guide anyways) the 3d model to make, and we do mostly use 2d drawings (and even other 3d designs as reference too, cuz we steal like artists :sunglasses::wink:) for making characters either fully based on a single reference like this one provided or with that along more references not necessarily related but fitting according to the design to create as 3d model.

Besides of the body as well counts as well for accessories, we can add anything that fits in, for example the backpack there is nothing hard to create even though there isn’t enough information provided of the subject (no more angles of view available for the reference design in this case) that can be easily created in a way and design and fits and makes sense right?

And to achieve such body model based from a 2d image, first you need to understand properly what shape combinations are you dealing like how organic, realistic human or animal anatomy, or if is cartoony/stylized (exaggerated proportions and simplified shapes of anatomy), or hyper realistic (seriously realistic human life like looking model,textures,shaders,etc) or mix in between, so depending in that the model will either more easier or rather complex to create from scratch usually, the only thing you need to understand is the anatomy and proportions basics for such a basic looking model in this case…

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wondering what’s ur budget?

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Same here. What is your budget?

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