Modeling a Blanket (not using cloth sim)

Hi everyone,

I am trying to model a blanket that looks similar to the one in the picture below. (The picture comes from: I’ve been messing around with a cube and subsurf modifiers, trying to bend and pull it to get the right look, but I’m not having a great deal of success. I would appreciate if anyone can give me some pointers on how they would model this.

Here is the blendswap file if you want to take a look: anonymous_furniture_library.blend (1.51 MB)

Your model looks pretty decent to me.

The fold at the foot of the bed could use a tiny bit more squishing where it will meet the bedframe, but the shape of the fold looks ok from that image.

The wrinkle towards the foot of the bed looks fine to me, it’s a blanket, and real blankets have wrinkles, so I’d say that’s a way that your model is better then the blendswap one.