Modeling a Car Any Suggestions on Which?

So I have been using Blender for almost a year now and have really been into it. I have been working hard and learning new things all the time. Anyway recently I have been breaking through a lot of the boundaries I have made for myself because I didn’t think I was skilled enough to do them when I made the boundaries. Like do not use Cycles unless its with a tutorial because setting up materials is too confusing or do not enter into a Blender Guru competition because you do not have the right skill. I started doing both of these. So basically I’m trying to prove the old me wrong. Now I want to get past another boundary I have set for myself and that is to model a car. There is only one problem I do not know what car to choose. So that is why I am posting this. Does anyone have a car that I could model on my own? I know I did not put this in the right thread, and I know there is going to be a few of you that say I should keep dreaming or I am not experienced enough. Well I know I am ready, I just need a car to model.

I won’t suggest a specific car, but here you’ll find blue prints for several.

Some excellent models and blueprints there… thanks for the link rontarrant. :slight_smile:

@ eagleflyer

Theres a very good tut here by Jonathan Williamson... unfortunately the reference pics no longer exist but Im looking for good blueprints of the Porsche 911 so I can follow this tut…

Hey thanks so much both of you. So really great advice.
Anyone else have suggestions?

It really depends on what you’re wanting to push yourself on. Need organic curvy stuff? Model a modern car. Need to work on detail and mechanical parts? Model an off road vehicle with exposed suspension and axles, or maybe a drag racer or a 30’s style hot-rod. You might also consider what other projects you might want to work on in the future - if you want to make a scene based on Edward Hopper’s famous picture Nighthawks for instance, you might consider a 1940s era car.

You might want to model a car you have access to. I recenly modeled a semi truck, and since I could walk outside and look at my truck it let me focus more on the actual modelling and spend less time on google image search trying to figure out things like what a wheel bearing on a steer axle actually looks like. I’d have had a hard time of it if I wasn’t already familiar with what I was modelling.

Conversely, you could always model a Lotus Super 7, just because they’re cool.

thanks for the tips

My only sugestion is to start with an easy car