Modeling a Car

Hi, I am modeling a car with blender 2.68a and I am having problem with the uv texture of the Blueprint.

As some tutorial out there says, i uv map the blueprint over a square, but i cant see the BP in edit mode while I do the modeling.

Somebody help me please!


Press N,scroll down in the new menu that opens until you get the the background image section.


If you have blueprint set as a textured plane it will be visible if you set Display Shading GLSL, Textured Solid on N-panel and Solid or Textured mode on menu. It wont be visible if you set viewport to Wireframe.
Background images are seen only while in Ortographic views Front, Top, Sides (try toggle numpad 5 and click np 1,3,7).

Oh, so is impossible if i want to set the BP on a plane and work in Wireframe mode.

Ok! Thanks!!