modeling a cat


i am modeling a cat and it looks pretty nice for me.
but how do i model the mouth ? so that it can move (for example when it talks the mouth need to move ) but how do you model that then ? this is the model for now
i hope anyone can explain how to model the mouth.

here is a basic mouth to look at, You can create an opening for a mouth on your cat model by selecting the verts (points) where you want the mouth opening to be press the V key and this will split the verts. While they are still selected move them and you will see an opening appear, shape it into a mouth like shape then select the ring of verts press the E key and extrude the edge towards the back of the head (just enough for a lip) then use ctrl + r key to insert an edge loop. now you should have enough to start shaping your mouth and add more detail as needed.



SimpleMouth.blend (63.4 KB)

Basic mesh flow around the mouth is needed for it to be animated properly. Remember that upper jaw is stationary attached to skull and lower jaw hinges from its attachment. The main challenge with cat head you have is the bulk fur that extend from lower side of the head. The Mouth mesh flow needs to be separated from it. Its rough but here one way to create the mesh around the mouth and fur:

thanx i think i understand now how to make it
i go sleep now and try it out tomorow :slight_smile:

hey i modelled the mouth but im not sure its good enough for animation so is there anyone who can take a look and let me know ? then i can first do the textures
ps how do i upload the model ?

can anyone tell me how i should model the paws ? it look more like feets than paws right now so hope anyone can help:)

Quickest way to build the shape is to create bunches of rectangular extrusions and round it all up by using Subsurf modifier:

Pic A, general shapes of your cats arm end
Pic B, extruding faces with normal axis on to form paws
Pic C, paw pads are extruded the same way (extrude, scale, and extrude again)
Pic D, rendered paws with colored pads

You can make refinements in cuts and shaping the whole thing to your liking.

Very nice trick for the cartoon paws, it looks really great with the subdivision.

hey they sure look nice but how come that the model shape looks blocky but the result has a nice round form ?

It’s because :

where can i find that ? since i have the new version the whole interface changed and i dont know where to add a modifier

Hope this helps:)

well it seems i am missing a few thing ?
this is what i have i try to insert the image but it wont work so i put a link to it

Can you sand me the .blend file?

Edit:Trie pressing a to deselect everything and then select your model.That might solve the problem:)

this is the file

you need to select your model if you want to add a modifier to it. In your picture you have selected the camera

Just opend it and had no problems.Just select ONLY the model.
If this dose not work trie to restart blender.
If also that dose not work,export the model to .obj then load the fectory default sttings in blender and import yor model.
Let me know if anything helpes

ok now it works. but now about the texture mode ? if i want to color it with the brush if i select it and take a collor noting wont happen is i try to draw on it ?

For the Texture Paint mode, you need to have an UV map.

If you never did an UV map, while it’s not as good as a manually built one, you can get an automatic one with the Smart Unwrap function.
It works exactly the same in both 2.49b and 2.57b

-First select your model

-Go to Edit Mode, put your mouse cursor somewhere on that line
And right click
Select the option “Split Area” and put the separation line around the middle of the screen then click.

The 2nd window to the left have the panel developped, hiding lot of view, put your mouse cursor there and press the keyboard " T " to close it.

Now click on this :
And select “UV Image Editor”

Click on “Image” then on “New” to create a new texture.

Now go to the 1st window and select your model entirely.
Press U (or Mesh -> Unwrap) and select Smart UV Project , it will create an automatic UV.

Now go to Texture Paint Mode, it will work, and you’ll see the painting projected on your UV Map.

(Note, to rejoin the 2 window in a single one, just put the cursor of your mouse on the line separating both windows , right click and click “Join Areas”)